Safety Consideration

Safety Consideration

Jul,21 2013

Being one of the permanent members of the United Nations, the Chinese government has constantly appealed its moderate foreign policy which has reached consensus among numerous countries. Acting to promote the world peace, China has actively developed good-neighboring relations of friendship with the surrounding countries and become one of the safest countries for studying abroad.

Indeed, it is both exciting and challengeable to study in China and a total unacquainted country like China may leave you with lots of uncertainties. For international students coming to study in China, safety is one of the essential factors that matters. As a professional local organization specialized in helping foreign students study in China, SICAS indeed concerns the safety issues of every aspect regarding studying in China. We help you consider the quality of your future university, secure your on-line application process; take special care of your first 72-hours; and provide emergency assistance to your campus life.

Examine the Quality of Your Future University

The universities recommended by SICAS are all the key universities authorized by the Ministry of Education of China which has rich experience of educating international students. SICAS examines the quality and reputation of every university and only choose the qualified, reputed university for publishing their enrollment information, and open their official recruitment account on SICAS.

SICAS also considers the surroundings of universities before publishing any universities enrollment information. Any university located in unsafe regions is excluded from our platform.

Secure your on-line Application

SICAS is designed utilizing the most advanced and stable modern technology and from the course search to get and track admission on-line, we secure your thorough process of on-line application.

SICAS is specially made for high accuracy and security. The universities on SICAS are allocated an official international students recruitment SICAS account for them to publish and update courses and enrollment information, check the application materials and process applications of international students. Since all the courses and enrollment information are published by the university through their SICAS accounts, the courses you have searched and chosen on SICAS are reliable and accurate.

Moreover, only the university is accessible to your application materials therefore you don’t have to worry about any disclose of your personal information. SICAS will also guarantee that we will not leak any of your private information to the third parties. Please visit Privacy Policy for more details.

Special Care of your First 72 Hours

When students first leave home to study overseas, they experience a period of adjustment during which SICAS’s student service team will help you. Upon your arrival in China, to make sure that you can get to the university successfully and safely, SICAS offers airport pick-up service. SICAS care team members will meet you at the airport and take you all the way to your university. You can book campus accommodation in advance by email to  SICAS will also help you to register in the local public security bureau and apply for a residence permit to study in China legally. As your professional guide for studying in China, SICAS supports you to do the following things after landing:


  1. Phone home. Your family will want to know you have arrived safely.

  2. Get to know the local area and public transport system.

  3. Open an bank account to transfer funds from overseas

  4. Registered in the international office of your university

  5. Take temporary registration in local public security bureau

  6. Get all the ID cards including canteen card, library card, and university card etc.

Start your Campus Life

Living on campus

Most Chinese campuses are enclosed with campus security. You can find all kinds of services on campus such as library, grocery store, gym, laundry, bank, supermarket, clinic and Muslim restaurant etc. In addition, today’s Chinese campuses are multi-cultural and international, most students on campus can speak English and many exotic festivals are celebrated on today’s campuses. In addition, Chinese students respect all the religions in the world and they value the harmony of the world.

Each university has several coordinators in charge of overseas students’ daily life and overseas students are welcomed by their schoolmates. Besides, the extra curriculum activities for oversea students are colorful and terrific so you will never feel lonely while staying in China.

Transferring, Internship and Insurance Clearing

After you have got your residence permit and move in your university’s International Students Apartment. Everything seems to be on track when you have made some local Chinese friends and got used to use chopsticks. But to live and study in a foreign country, you need to deal with more things than that. What if the course unsuited? How to do an internship in China? What if I can’t deal with my insurance clearing? All of these may bewilder you and confuse your mind. SICAS will help you with Transferring, Internship and Insurance Clearing. You can regard SICAS as your personal assistant of living in China when SICAS will always be there on your emergency call list while you are staying in China.