Choice A Finding a suitable city

Choice A Finding a suitable city

May,24 2014

One big issue you may consider of is the location where you will study. Different places suit different people, so it depends on what you're looking for. China's huge domain allowing it embrace great diversities in its cities. To find the most suitable place to start your life in China, SICAS provide you with following useful guidance:

SICAS Recommended Cities 

The most popular Chinese cities among international students.BeijingQingdaoShanghaiDalianShenyangJinan, Jinzhou, FuzhouGuangzhouWuhanChongqing, KaifengNanjingXi'an, Chengdu, ChangshaHangzhouHarbinNingboKunmingShenzhenSoochow (Suzhou),  Changchun, NanchangWenzhouYantaiZhengzhou.

China's City Guide Specific city rankings on a basis of its local key universities and its education strength on a specific education field.

Featured Cities Category of Chinese popular cities according to the living standard and cultural specialties.