May,29 2013

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Title: SICAS-Study in China


Des: The Only Platform  officially supported by Chinese Government &Ministry of Education "Study in China" Project and authorized by nearly 300+ China`s Top Universities.

If you are interested in exchanging a link with us, send us an email at  sicas@sicas .cn  with the subject "Exchange a link". we will  link your website in 24 hours. 

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WICOS is China's leading foreign talent service, service in China top 500 enterprises, government owned enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises, nearly one thousand universities, middle school or primary school education institutions and foreign language.

WICOS provides comprehensive human resource service for foreign talent, WICOS provides you with comprehensive services throughout the entire career.

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SICAS ( Study in China Admission System) Welcomes you all to apply to study in universities in China.

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