SICAS Standard Service Package(SS)

SICAS Standard Service Package(SS)

Jan,23 2019

SICAS "Standard Service Package"

------The most direct & economic Channel in the world to Study in China's Universities!

As an international student, you may think about studying in China but don't know where to start, SICAS –Study In China Admission System, is not only an efficient, accurate and safe authorized online platform but also offers SICAS “Standard Service Package” which makes herself known as the most direct & economic Green Channel to directly apply for China universities and colleges. 

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Making a Choice:

  • SICAS has a searchable database up to thousands of courses and programs, making it easy for students to choose and compare them;
  • SICAS helps students access to the latest enrollments information, making it useful and accurate to choose and apply;  
  • SICAS proposes free advice on studying in China for each individual on each step of studying in China. If you encounter any problem regarding studying in China, please feel free to contact us at

Applying Online, Application Preview & Track Admission Status:

  • Submit quick on-line applications directly to China’s universities’ “Uni. Staff” Account in three steps: fill the application form, upload the application materials, and pay fees /send documents to the university. (How to apply?)
  • SICAS will preview your application documents before sending them to the university.  And  if there is anything wrong in your documents, SICAS is sure to inform you or guide you to correct it in advance.
  • Track your Admission Status efficiently and safely. The following Admission Status decided by the university will be shown in your “My SICAS”, after you complete Step 1, 2, 3 directly. The scanned copy of the Admission Letter and Visa Form (JW202) issued by Uni. Staff can be seen directly in your “My SICAS” account before you get the paper admission letter and Visa form(JW202). (How to track admission status?)

In general, it only takes 1-3weeks to receive your Admission Letter or to know if you are refused by the university.

What is admission status?

Processing: The university is processing your application and will notify you in no time.

Accepted: The university has accepted you and will upload your Admission letter once it is ready, please check in due time and reply to the university if you accept it, then the university will upload your JW202 form,vise versa.

Pending: The university have checked your application documents, but they need to be revised according to the university’s request.

Refused: Sorry, the university can't accept your application.

Posting: The university has posted your original Admission Letter and JW202 by courier to you.

Posting Address Re-confirmation & Admission Letter Delivery: 

  • SICAS will re-confirm your posting address with you to ensure that you can get your originals by posting, once we get the admission documents from the university. 
  • SICAS will send the admission notice and the JW202 form to students through DHL, UPS, TNT or FedEx to ensure the express package will reach the students within the shortest time. (The logistic company may charge for Oil & Gas Allowance Fee sometimes.)
  • In case a student has more than one Admission Notice to be delivered, he/she can choose one to be delivered by the above express mail and others by Airmail.    

Guidebook for Predeparture:

  • SICAS will send you a guidebook via courier along with your admission documents and an E-Guidebook via Email for your new life in China.  

Scholarship Online Application: 

  • "SICAS Standard Package" also provides students with online Scholarships Application Opportunities in order to bring more and more academically gifted students to China.
  • For US$ 50, you can apply for seven courses at most, meanwhile, you can apply for a SICAS scholarship with a maximum worth of US $6500. 

SICAS Tips: How much does SICAS "Standard Service Package" Cost? 

If you need a SICAS Advisor to help you make the best choice, get a Guaranteed dorm type and also, if you need a guaranteed Admission and an One for One & One Stop Service to make your whole journey of study in China easier and smoother, you may think about choosing SICAS “Plus Service Package”.  

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SICAS ( Study in China Admission System) Welcomes you all to apply to study in universities in China.

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