Choice B Finding a right university

Choice B Finding a right university

Sep,01 2015

Choosing which university or college to go to can be a life-changing decision. Do as much research as possible so that you choose the right institutes for the right reasons. To help you make your decision,SICAS guide you by the following:

University Rankings

Different rankings based on different subjects.




School Search

Click the school search button to use SICAS universities' searching engine to find a university from the searchable China universities data base on SICAS. Currently, there are more than 600 China universities recruiting international students on SICAS.



You may want to know

China's Universities Education

The American and Russian education systems have exerted great influence on China's university education. Regarding the influence, the following items are the most significant: In terms of category, Chinese universities are divided into research universities, comprehensive universities, colleges for professional training and higher vocational education.