How to get the Residence Permit (RP)

How to get the Residence Permit (RP)

Jul,21 2013

A visa is an official and legal permit issued by Chinese embassy which allows students to legally enter China. However, a residence permit is issued by the local Exit-Entry Administration Bureau in representative for the MOP and Chinese Government to allow you to study in China during its valid duration. Usually, you should go through the following procedure to get a resident permit:

1. Take the Temporary Residence Registration

To get a residence permit and make your stay in China legal, the very first thing you should do while arriving in China is to take the Temporary Residence Registration in the local public security bureau. The registration must be done within 24 hours after your arrival in China and your university may help you go through the process. Be careful, you’ll be fined if you do not take a temporary residence registration within 24 hours after you reach the school and the fine ranges from 200 RMB to 2,000 RMB.

SICAS Reminder: The local Exit-Entry Administration Bureau will only accept the Residence application if you have done the Temporary Residence Registration within 24 hours or you have paid the fine if it expires.

2. Do a physical examination in a Chinese hospital

The original document of physical examination record from your home country may be accepted by the local Exit-Entry Administration Bureau. However, in most cases, you have to re-do the physical examination for some other requested items in a local hospital which is designated by local Exit-Entry Administration Bureau.

SICAS Reminder: The price of physical examination in China is around 50 USD to 100 USD. The whole process of examination will last for 2 hours and the result will come out in 3-5 working days.

3. Apply for a Residence Permit in the Local Exit-Entry Administration Bureau in China

The application materials for a Residence Permit include all the original copies of: the temporary residence registration paper, the physical examination record of local hospital, the JW202 form and the admission letter. Currently, the residence permit fee is RMB 400 for staying less than 10 months; 800 for staying for more than 10 months. (It may vary with cities) The application process will take 1-2 weeks during which time your passport will be kept by the local public security bureau. Therefore, Do Not make travel plan during the period. What’s more, you must renew your residence permit annually in the local Exit-Entry Administration Bureau before it expires. You should apply for a residence permit 30 days within your arrival in China, otherwise your stay will be considered illegal and you will be fined (500 RMB/day) and even expelled by local authority.

SICAS After Arrival Service -- Medical Check Pass Guarantee

This is compulsory and requested by China Immigration and Police Station for Resident Permit. SICAS will help you do it at the right time to avoid unnecessary penalties and make sure you can successfully pass the check.



SICAS After Arrival Service -- Police Registration & Resident permit Pass Guarantee

Applying for resident permit is an important part of the check-in process for international students once they arrive in China.
You would probably have a hard time going through this process as you may not be able to understand what you need to do for each step if you can’t speak Chinese. However, accompanied by SICAS Care team, things become incredibly easier for you. The spirit to serve guide the action of everyone in SICAS Care team. We work together cooperatively to ensure that your resident permit application are completed in an efficient and secure way. SICAS makes sure that each student will complete Police Registration within the time duration defined by the law and also get the legal Residence Permit to study in China every year during their study in China. Both are compulsory for a foreigner’s legal stay in China, and requested by China Immigration and Police Station.




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