How to choose the most suitable university

How to choose the most suitable university

Jul,21 2013

Currently, nearly 300 Chinese public universities and 100 Language schools are using of SICAS’ online admission system. Several respects are given in the following to help you find a satisfying university.

1. Your Favourite Chinese City or University

If you prefer to a certain Chinese city or university, you can just apply for it now. The details of China’s cities can be found at our City Guide.

2. Expenditures

Compared to Beijing, Shanghai, and some large seaside cities, living expenses of China’s inland regions are relatively low. For example, Weifang, Xi'an, Chongqing, Shenyang, Wuhan, Dalian, and other cities are all well-matured with beautiful scenery and many famous universities. If you don't have a large budget, you can choose one city of this kind.

3. University rankings

You can look over the rankings of China’s universities on our University Rankings, or you can also view the list of "Project 985" universities and the list of "Project 211" universities. They refer to the China’s top universities.

4. University Features and Expertise

If you want to learn a special major, you can refer to the universities’ strong points. For example, Shandong University offers the largest number of language learning programs and other interdisciplinary studies in China. The university draws the support from her highly-qualified and well-recognized faculty and staff in teaching and research in the areas of foreign language studies, literature, linguistics, translation and culture studies. You can check more at our Course Search.

There are a lot of English-taught programs, such as MBBS programs and Engineering programs for those who can’t speak Chinese fluently.

5. Acquaintances

You may choose a university because you have many fellow citizens there, so that you can adjust to the new environment quickly, but in this way, your Chinese will not be improved. Or you want to challenge yourself and want to study in a university that doesn’t have that many fellow citizens, you may feel alone at first, but you will make more Chinese friends and improve your Chinese level.