Applying Cost on SICAS

Applying Cost on SICAS

Apr,22 2015

When you apply to a Chinese University through SICAS, you can choose one of the following two packages--SICAS "Standard Service Package" or SICAS "Plus Service Package". If you do not have financial difficulties, SICAS highly recommends SICAS "Plus Service Package" to you. Click here to see the reasons. 

If you choose...

SICAS “Standard Serivce Package” 

SICAS “Plus Service Package’

SICAS processing fee


Yes. 50 USD

Yes. 50 USD

University's application fee


                 Yes. Usually 150 USD

Yes. Usually 150USD

SICAS Plus fee



Yes. 3000 USD

1. SICAS processing fee (Compulsory)

When you first apply through SICAS online admission system, SICAS will charge a processing fee of 50 USD. You can apply for up to 7 courses after the payment of this fee. The SICAS processing fee is collected for maintaining and updating SICAS online system as well as offering students’ supporting services.


2. University's application fee (Compulsory)

Based on the agreements between SICAS & China’s universities, SICAS does the collection of application fees for universities. You have to pay the application fee so that the university can process your application. The application fee of a Chinese university is usually between 120-150 USD depending on schools and types of courses. Since Chinese universities only accept payment in RMB, SICAS will help you convert the foreign exchange to the university.

3. SICAS Plus fee (Optional)

1. The cost of SICAS “Plus Service Package” is 3000USD.  If you use  this package, you can apply for SICAS Financial Aid Scholarship. 

2. SICAS has offered SICAS “Plus Service Package”as a whole package for the last 10 years. According to our 10 years hands-on experience, it shows all these services are indivisible for a student's smooth stay and study in China. This means that whether or not you request it at the beginning, those services in the package are practically needed by any student when they landed in China. Therefore, SICAS strongly suggests that you and your parents purchase this package if you don't have financial difficulty. 

At present, SICAS offers you six ways to pay those three kinds of fees. For more details please see Ways of Payment and Money Matters.


1. Regulations about SICAS Processing Fee & University Application Fee

  • The first time you send your application on SICAS, you need to pay to SICAS processing fee (which covers your seven applications) as well as the application fees required by the university. 

  • You will not be charged for another SICAS processing fees unless your applications exceed seven courses. Please note that both university application fee and SICAS processing fee can not be refunded.

  • The SICAS processing fee is for the daily maintenance of the on-line application system. 

2. Refund Policy 

SICAS reminder: 

  • Both SICAS processing fee and University’s application fee are non-refundable. 

  • One thing that should be clarified is that the admission is decided by the university admission office based on your application documents. SICAS can not ensure your admission by SICAS "Standard Service Package".  However, as the most professional organization for helping the international students to study in China, SICAS can do it much easier and even guarantee your admission through SICAS "Plus Service Package". With good understanding of Chinese higher education system, professional experience and close relationships with most of the Chinese universities, SICAS "Plus Service Package" will smooth your way of enrollment into the most renowned Chinese Universities. 

  • Tuition fee and accommodation fee will be collected by the universities when you register in your school in China. Chinese universities only accept payment in CNY cash. 

Know about Pre-departure and Upon your arrival in China.