China’s City Guide

China’s City Guide

Mar,08 2013

Top cities for studying MBBS in China

NO1  Dalian  (Dalian Medical University)

NO2  Shenyang (China Medical University)

NO3  Jinzhou (Jinzhou Medical University) 

NO4  Fuzhou (Fujian Medical University)

NO5  Chongqing (Chongqing Medical University)

NO6  Shanghai (Tongji University, Fudan University)

NO7  Wuhan (Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology)  

Top cities for studying Chinese Language  in China

NO1  Beijing

NO2  Shanghai

NO3  Hangzhou

NO4  Guangzhou

NO5  Chengdu

NO6  Wuhan

NO7  Qingdao

Top cities for studying Bsc Engineering in China

NO1 Shenyang 

NO2 Beijiang

NO3 Hangzhou

NO4 Wuhan

NO5 Guangzhou

NO6 Nanjing

NO7 Shanghai

Top Popular Universities Specify in English Taught Courses

Popular Listed Universities with English Taught MBBS Programs

Popular Non-Listed Universities with English Taught MBBS Programs

Top 10 universities for fasted admission service

Popular Chinese Universities for Chinese Language Program

Popular Chinese Universities for Civil Engineering

Popular Universities for BBA

Popular Chinese Universities for Bachelor of International Trade

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