How can I choose a course to start?

Deciding what to study in China requires lots of research. Generally speaking, you may have to think
about how to choose an ideal course, find a right university, and choose a suitable city.

SICAS will guide you to find an ideal course from the above aspect:

How to choose a suitable city

One big thing you may consider of is the location where you will study in.
Different places suit different people, so it depends what you're looking for.
China's huge domain allows it to embrace great diversities in its cities.
Take a look at our city guide and hot cities to find a city you want to study and live in.

How to find a right university

Choosing which university or college to study in can be a life-changing decision.
Do as much research as possible so that you choose the right institutes for the right reasons.
SICAS offers you the most authoritative university rankings, China School Search function, and a
guide to help you understand China's University education, basic entry requirements and
so on.